Monday, June 29, 2009

Zen Retreat with the Cumberland River Sangha

Zen Retreat with Sanchi Reta Lawler
and the Cumberland River Sangha

JULY 10-12, 2009 | Nashville, Tennessee


or another way of putting it:

Sipping Lemonade on a Hot Summer Day

Friday July 10 2-6
Saturday July 11 9-5
Sunday July 12 9-4

From Sanchi Reta as to this "Teaching Retreat" weekend....

"Inside these weekends, it is my effort to promote a living, breathing, dynamic contact with our sitting practice, to find the jewels as to how our practice segways into our daily lives.

It is both a time to clarify questions as to how we deepen this simple yet often challenging practice into 'WISDOM AND COMPASSION', and to support EACH OTHER through the cauldron of natural empowerment and release that is operative when we come together as sangha.

In my life, after many years of practice and contemplation, I am humbled as to the continuous need to create the time and situation to be WITH myself and others in a space of love and devotion to awakened living. A weekend retreat is often the impetus that I need to re-align, to re-commit, to re-connect with the Purity of "WHAT IS," without the endless distractions and interpretations that are operative in our life of speed and highly charged input through our senses. Without question, 'to drop out and tune in' in the expression of simple meditation practice, I come away refreshed, renewed, and inspired to FEEL life with more intuition, love, and mental clarity that is always available, yet often obscured.

The Cumberland River Sangha is a dedicated HEART for receiving practitioners of all levels, to support joy in our interconnectedness, and to create the space for the inner transformation that is available through silence and contemplative sharing. You are always welcome."

Fee: $265

For more information & registration (by June 30)
Contact Pamela Hunt – 615-942-9705

* Sanchi Reta Lawler is fully ordained in the Zen Buddhist lineage, and has been a teacherand practitioner of transpersonal psychology for over 30 years. As well as offering her trademark learning opportunities, Coming Full Circle and Winds of Change, she continues her study and practice of Peruvian Shamanism in the Upper Amazon and High Andes. She is the founder of The Blue Morpho, a service organization which celebrates life with indigenous communities of Peru.

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