Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Friday: Dakini Practice Class 1

We're beginning a very exciting and intense section of our study. We will be learning the Dakini Practice as taught by Ken McLeod, as a way of working with the way our reactions manifest. We will be learning the language of the five elements and five dakinis, also known as the five Buddha families. We'll be studying back and forth between the book and Ken's podcast on this subject, integrating the material slowly and surely. This Friday night we will listen to Ken's opening talk on the Five Dakini practice, as given during a week-long retreat.

FEFD01: Five Elements / Five Dakinis (retreat)
Session 1
Dakini practice as a way of refining experience, comparison with Mahamudra practice; dakini practice as tool to raise energy; review of elements in relationship to emotional patterns and as descriptions of experience; nature of dakinis: “know dakinis to be one’s own mind”; symbolic nature of dakinis & relation to wisdom awarenesses; overview of five wisdom awarenesses: evenness (balance), mirror-like, distinguishing, effective action, totality; overview of practice instructions
Duration 01:04:28

New Wake Up to Your Life books are in!

Friday Night Dharma Study -- 7:00 - 9:00 pm
1716A Linden Avenue (door on your right) · door opens at 6:45. We'll start at 7:00 and sit for about 20 minutes, then listen to the teaching, then discuss.

Tomorrow night's weather forecast looks iffy. If we have to cancel, I'll post it here on the Luminous Mind blog. Or feel free to call at 463-2374.

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