Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meditation Link

Last night's session felt truly remarkable, combining highlights of the Buddhist mind-only teachings with a 40-minute meditation led by Ken McLeod via podcast. It was a perfect combination of working with the material conceptually and then opening to our own experience directly in meditation. This is how material goes from being conceptual knowledge to certainty wisdom.

Here is a link to the talk from which the meditation was excerpted:

It's from the first session of Ken McLeod's workshop, "Ideology and Wisdom," IAW01, beginning at counter 23:30.

Ken McLeod's background is both Kagyu and Nyingma in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, having completed two three-year retreats under Kalu Rinpoche. He's been teaching for many years in the Los Angeles area and all of his classes, workshops, and retreats are available completely free on podcast. I've met him in person and received counseling by phone and am now participating in his monthly "Never Ending Journey" class, an online teacher training program. I recommend him very highly.


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